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Norfolk Island 2014

We spent seven nights on Norfolk Island in early October 2014 with friends from the Jaguar Drivers Club.  Great place to visit with so much history, scenery, friendly people and an easy flight from Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

UK 2011

Good friends did a home exchange to Bridford, a small village in Devon near Exeter and invited us to spend time with them.  They may be sorry as we spent all of September and half of October based in Bridford apart from our time in Bognor Regis (travelling with the same friends) and five days in Cornwall.  The stay in Bognor Regis allowed Barry to attend the three day Goodwood Revival, mecca for classic car enthusiasts.

Lake Eyre 2010

On 29th October 2010 we joined a small (10 people) tour group on a three day, two night, holiday to Lake Eyre, Birdsville, Quilpie and Charleville.  Historically, Lake Eyre only floods on average once per decade and this is one of those events.  We overnighted at Birdsville and Quilpie, staying in excellent caravan park cabins.  Unfortunately the wet weather (which of course is why we went) meant that we were unable to visit William Creek or the Dig Tree at Nappa Merrie.  The photos are mostly taken from the plane and show the transition from the rich farming lands of the Darling Downs to the arid Outback and return.

Canada & New York City 2006

On 21st June 2006 we took a JAL flight from Brisbane to Vancouver via Tokyo, and then a short flight from Vancouver to Kelowna BC where we met with our friends and travelling companions.  After touring the Rockies by car we then flew to Toronto and hired another car which we used to tour Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Ontario.  Joy and I then Greyhound Bussed from Niagara to New York City where we spent four nights before flying from New York to Brisbane via Tokyo, arriving home on 31st July.  The photos are in the sequence we travelled which is why Quebec and Nova Scotia appear twice.

Europe 2005

We departed Brisbane on 5th August 2005 for London and then immediately to Rome.  This holiday comprised four nights in Rome, two nights Venice, four nights Paris, three nights London; a 12 night Baltic Cruise; followed by a self drive tour of York, Windermere and Scotland.  We returned to Australia 12th September.

Canada 2003

In 2003 we toured Western Canada and a small part of Alaska on Scenic Tours "Rockies Panorama and Alaskan Cruise", departing Australia 30th April and Arriving home on 19th May.  The tour comprised about six days coach touring the Rockies, two days on the Rocky Mountaineer train and a seven day cruise of the Alsakan Inside Passage.  The photos are shown here mainly to show the contrast in scenery in early Spring compared with late Spring-early Summer of the 2006 holiday.  The photos are currently uncaptioned.